The benefits of a high protein diet have been debated for decades. Not yet do we have a single conclusive answer to the exact optimal amount per day and per meal.As with any diet, you must remember that there are always pros and cons. For example, the long-term consumption of a high protein diet has been linked to heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, certain types of cancer, calcium deficiency that causes osteoporosis, and kidney stones. However, for this particular article, let’s focus on the health benefits of a high protein diet.

Weight Loss

This high protein diet will help you lose weight faster over the short term. This means you’ll notice drastic weight loss early on, but if you continue to consume a diet made up of mostly protein, eventually your body will store the excess as fat, causing you to gain back that lost weight and contributing to high cholesterol and other health issues.      Benefits of High Protein Diet

Boosts Energy

Protein is a macronutrient, which means the body takes its best energy stores (or nutrients in order to function) from protein. In the end, protein is essential for daily movement, memory, thought, and physical exertion.

Increases Strength

Recovering and growing your muscles requires a surplus of protein. The protein will help rebuild muscles stronger than before. Once the recovery process is over your muscles will be bigger and stronger than before. It’s important to note if you do not consume enough protein to complete the recovery process you may never see strength or muscle growth.

Builds Muscle

A high protein diet will help stimulate muscle protein synthesis and recovery. The body needs more protein to rebuild muscle and build them bigger and stronger than before. Without adequate protein levels the body will not be able to obtain this.

Improves Sleep

Protein optimizes chemical transmitter balance, making us restful at night. As we know, recovery is vital to growth and when we sleep this is the time we secrete the most amount of growth hormone. Having a well rested body means a better environment for growth, recovery and productivity.