Massage is a proven technique for relieving pain, relaxing your body and enhancing immunity. Let our eHow experts help you to get started with a few tips about proper back massage techniques.

Back Massage is among the best ways through which you are able to relive yourself from lower back pain. You can use various back massage techniques for benefits, for example relaxation, increased body awareness, better blood flow and improved lymphatic drainage for discharge of toxins.

Selecting a back massage technique is important for receiving maximum benefits. Typically, throughout the back massage, a masseur uses massage oil to lower friction created onto the skin and to prevent the pulling of skin hair. The minus the quantity of oil applied, the higher is the friction and deeper would be the pressure. Use light stroking movements throughout your massage to maneuver from one area to a different, to soothe an area of localized deep tissue in order to make a transition to a different stroke.

Back Massage Technique

Back Massage Technique


Begin the first back massage stroke slowly down your partner’s back, one hand on each group of muscles on either side from the spine. Begin to lean unwanted weight into your hands because they move down the back, up to the sacrum, the triangular bone which makes up the base of the spine.

Whole Hand Effleurage

Warm the massage oil with you, and apply a modest amount with whole hand “effleurage” (definition – smooth rhythmic stroking): Make use of the whole surface of both of your hands. Stroke reasonably firmly upwards in the lower back all the way as much as the neck, then (gentler pressure), circle around after which back down to the back region. The massage should continue for 5 to 10 minutes.

Using Reinforced Fingers

Such as the previous technique, this one too focuses on a smaller area of contact. Get up on the right hand side from the area that you are focusing on. Place one hand along with another and push using the flats of your hand from the centerline, and then glide back for the spine. Begin this process at the lower backĀ  massage and build up to the upper back. Follow this process for 5 minutes.


Begin the massage by making use of firm downwards pressure after which move the arm that’s closest to the head as much as just below the shoulder blade. Stick to the procedure with 6 strokes with the possibility of lower back pain.

Finishing with Effleurage

Apply effleurage (stroking moves) with supported fingers (technique 3 above), then effleurage using the heel of the hand (technique 2 above), then full handed effleurage (technique 1 above). This can enhance the good you have done with the stripping and trigger point release. Then leave the individual to relax for a few minutes.