Aerobic exercise is any extended activity which makes you breathe hard when using the large muscle groups in a regular, even pace. Aerobic activities make your heart stronger and much more efficient. During the early a part of exercise, your body uses stored carbohydrate and circulating essential fatty acids (the building blocks of molecules) for energy.

Aerobic exercise is any extended activity which makes you breathe hard when using the large muscle groups in a regular, even pace.The benefits of anaerobic exercise are powerful, and anaerobic exercise must be a part of your exercise program.

Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise has many important benefits. It helps you to strengthen your lungs and heart, can help you maintain and slim down, improve muscle strength, coordination and mobility helping to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure level and body fat. These activities may also increase your metabolism and oxygen for your heart, lungs and muscles which increases your aerobic capacity and provides you more energy.

Improve your immune system

Apart from its ability to increase your potential to deal with tiredness, aerobic exercises also improves your own body’s ability to fight organisms that induce infections.

health problems

Strength training aids in preventing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, back pain, and arthritis. Even though you already suffer from one of these simple ailments, strength training might help alleviate the ailment. Weight training also strengthens your defense mechanisms.

improve stamina

Engaging in any form of aerobic exercise regularly can help to improve your endurance and stamina. It may also help to build your muscles and enables you to stronger and more resistant against fatigue.

Reducing diseases

The extra weight is definitely an aggravating factor in the emergence of: cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and certain kinds of cancer. The risk to build up some of these diseases decreases once we lose weight. There are data showing that walking can help to eliminate the risk of osteoporosis and also the complications involved. While exercises for example swimming and gymnastics within the pool may help individuals with arthritis.

Defeat your stress

Feeling stressed? Then it’s time for you to get high – runner’s high, that’s. Cardio activity saturates your mind in additional endorphins, triggering what’s referred to as a runner’s high, causing you to feel happier, mellower and re-energized. Regular exercise can help you cope with anxiety and stress that is a big part of everyday life.

Reduces body fat

Weight training is just as important as nutrition and aerobic exercise with regards to losing body fat. Weight training builds and maintains lean body mass, and the more lean body mass you have the higher your metabolism is going to be. The higher your metabolism, the greater calories your body burns to keep itself and the more excess fat you lose.