Fruit and vegetables taste great and therefore are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. To stay fit and healthy, you have to eat a balanced diet which includes fruit and vegetables every single day. How much you need depends upon your age- so check the chart below to discover how much you should be eating remembering that you could eat more than this if you want.

Health Benefits Natural Fruit and Vegetable

Health Benefits Natural Fruit and Vegetable

A piece of fruit, be it an apple, pear, orange, cherry, strawberry or any other types of fruit, is a compact container of natural goodness, including vitamins, sugars, enzymes along with other components that are essential towards the healthy operation of the human body.

Human body needs foods regularly for strength and also to become healthy. Most of our food ought to be vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits contain many powerful and important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber which helps reduce the risk of many diseases.


There are lots of types of avocados, but the one which you’re far most likely to encounter is known as the Haas avocado. Via Central and Southern America, this fruit includes a dark green, bumpy exterior, and it is shaped somewhat just like a cross between and egg along with a pear.


No, mangosteens aren’t related to mangoes. To begin with, this obscure fruit comes from Indonesia’s Sandu and Molucca islands. Second, mangosteens possess a dark purple/reddish color, and therefore are roughly the size of a tangerine. Taking out the dark purple/reddish rind reveals a white colored flesh, that is divided into 4 to 8 segments.


Now we’re dealing with some of the truly strange fruits. Kumquats are indigenous to China, and are in the shape of small, slightly-warped oranges. This can be a fairly apt comparison, as both oranges and kumquats consist of vitamin C.


Mangoes can make a quite strong case for being the world’s premier tropical fruit. Thought to have originated in India, mangoes are grown on several continents, and therefore are cultivated in such diverse places as India, China, and Mexico. Mangoes are full of antioxidants, which can shield the body from the number of deadly cancers, for example colon cancer, cancer of the breast, prostate cancer and leukemia.

Dragon Fruits

In the somewhat strange towards the truly bizarre. Also referred to as pitayas (a much less cooler name, obviously), Dragon Fruits look like something straight from a science fiction/fantasy movie.